What are we doing about climate change?

Jun 1, 2021 | General

Starting June 2021, HyperLinq has decided to contribute 1% of revenue to support climate change initiatives. We are partnering with Stripe, which is our payment processor, to make this happen. You can read about – Stripe’s Climate Program.

Climate change is without a doubt one of the most significant challenges humanity is currently facing. Our planet is on the brink of irreversible damage. Yet, we continue to pollute our planet and burn fossil fuels even though the world is warming faster than at any time in human history.

Climate change is not a future event; it is happening now. We are witnessing melting polar ice caps, inhabitable oceans, and frequent occurrences of calamities like droughts and floods. The recent extreme weather events have shown us how quickly our planet can be affected by greenhouse gas emissions and how poorly we are taking action to reduce these emissions.

Even if the pace of change begins to slow down soon, it will take years for our planet to recover. The good news is that we can all help. By making changes today, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help future generations.

Despite what some may say, this isn’t just an environmental issue alone but a business issue as well. Businesses that fail to take action on climate change will risk severe economic consequences in the future. As an organization, we are committed to sustainability and fighting climate change.

So how do we as a business respond to this challenge? There is a broad consensus emerging from industry leaders that we need to do more to mitigate the effects of climate change. Many companies are taking meaningful steps to reduce their carbon footprint. We are doing the same.

Like most companies, we have a carbon footprint. We are impacting climate mainly due to the electricity used by our team members and the servers we run. As we grow, our carbon footprint will also increase. Today, as a first step, we are committing 1% of our revenue to fund frontier carbon removal technologies. To put things in perspective, this year we will remove carbon emissions from 84 cars! And our positive impact will grow as will our business.

Climate change is a topic that I am passionate about. We are proud to implement this initiative as part of our business to stop climate change. We hope that you will also make changes in your personal lives to reduce your own carbon footprint.

For more information on what the initiative is, check out our climate page

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